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Happy Days

Anyone out there remember the Perrys who lived in School House in the early 60s?(ok,unlikely,but you never know).Me,my sister,mum & dad lived there from '60 to '64. Dad worked at Ty Hir Farm, mum pretty much worked wherever she could,4 jobs at once at one point. The school was my first experience of education, with Mrs.Bullen and Miss O'Sullivan making learning fun and interesting. The winter of '63 was great, loads of snow, 6 weeks off school. Brilliant!!.

Helping out on the farm with haymaking and whatnot, probably getting in the way more than anything. Health & Safety police would have had a field day!!! Old friends Isidro, Mario, Steven, Rhian, Veronica, Ken, Dennis, Michael and loads more. The pub landlady,Miss or MRS.(can't recall which) Head, who served me with cigarettes for my dad, which would cost her dear today. The vicar, Mr. Jones I think it was, and his wife who took the Sunday school from which I was ejected on one occasion. Kicked out of Sunday school,the shame of it! Is there still a monkey puzzle tree in the vicarage garden, and a huge oak outside the pub?

Reply from Debbie Lewis (was Debra Pike)

Just read the item, yes I remember the Perry family and all the others mentioned, would be nice to hear more memories and for anyone interested in family history, as I am tracing my family tree.  Please contact on webmaster@m-y-f.com and we will pass on.
I am now Debbie Lewis was Debra Pike.
Thanks to anyone who can help.  Look forward to hearing from you.